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Fujifilm X Summit – May 2022

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What’s up, everyone? Today, we are doing something a little bit different because we are officially *almost one month away from Fuji’s next X-Summit. 

So, we are going to be talking about everything I want from the new X-Mount series! 

(My wishes… most of these aren’t practical)

Now, the X-Mount is officially 10 years old! What this means… is very shortly… we should start hearing confirmed rumors about the gear Fujifilm is planning to release. 


If you are a camera Youtuber, you might be receiving (have received) a pre-production model 


As a current Fujifilm user, I am honestly going to say, I think this summit is a make or break Summit for Fujifilm  …. Let me explain what we know what we know about FUjifilm’s next stages and what I *think will be announced…


So, here’s what we know


Fuji XH-2 A & XH-2 B

Now, first-up, we have the Fujifilm X-H2. And actually we have two Fuji XH-2s. (Double-trouble). I am really hoping that Fuji gets smart with their marketing and just calls one a new line. Let’s call it the XK. Mainly because I think that looks cool. However, for this video, we have the new XH2A and XH2B


  • Okay, so there will be two cameras. It has been reported that one camera will feature a new 26 Megapixel sensor. (To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about that.) The other will be 40 MP.
  • At least one camera will have a stacked sensor
  • One camera will be able to shoot at least 8k. (Personally, I’m expecting it to shoot 8k30 with a time limit kind of like the X-T4’s ability to shoot 4k60. And I do expect this camera to be able to shoot 4k120. After all, Sony has been doing that for some time now with the A7SIII!!!!)


However, I think Fujifilm must be concerned with price. They will be competing with the Canon R6 and R5. 


I also think we are going to see something with like the 40 MP for $2,399 and the 26 for $1,899. They have to have a big enough price difference with the new X-T5 probably going to be released in the next year. And I expect the price difference to be at least $500. 


Fuji 56mm f1.2 MKII

Now, the Fujifilm 56mm f1.2 is beloved by many Fuji users. It is, after all, the closest you can get to that beloved 85mm full-frame equivalent. So, when I heard that Fujifilm was making another 56mm lens, I was shocked. 

They already have the 56mm, two 50mm, and a couple of zooms that either come close to/or match this focal length. 


But one thing Fujifilm is currently doing is updating their prime lenses. This means linear motors, faster autofocus, and weather sealing. We saw this last year with the announcement of the 18mm, 23mm, and 33mm f1.4. Now, last year I had the chance to test out the 33mm, and I liked it enough. However, I wanted to test out the 23mm f1.4 as well before purchasing. 


Well, it’s been almost 5 months, and I still have yet to get my hands on that lens. It’s really disappointing, and it’s more of a supply chain and chip shortage issue than Fuji’s fault. But it’s really hard to get excited about a product that is going to take over 5 months to get to me. 


Now, let’s get back to the 56mm f1.2. 


The new Fujifilm 56mm is going to have a new optical formula which means the lens could change. Also, there should be a new coating, possibly fluorine, on the front lens element. This, along with weather sealing, could make it a formidable travel combo with something like the 18mm f1.4 and an X-T4. 


This all being said, if you’re looking at purchasing a 56mm right now, I would wait as the price might drop here in a bit. 


Fujifilm 150-600 lens 

This is the lens I am most excited for, but it scares me. It’s the lens type that Fujifilm is reluctant to make, a long-telephoto. The full-frame focal length of this lens would be about 225-900.


Currently the only competitor is the Sigma or Tamron with an adapter lenses , and the 100-400. The 100-400 is $1900 brand new!!!


Now, there are two ways this lens could be constructed: Plastic or metal, heavy or expensive. 


And to be honest, I hope this lens is cheaper, something around $1200-$1500. And here’s why, I’m concerned that Fujifilm has gotten to the point of cannibalizing its own market by creating too many duplicates. We see this in having three 23mm options, 3 35mm options, and (almost) two 50mm options. 


Whenever we look at the latest release, a 70-300, the reason it has been selling so well is it’s reasonably priced ($800) and it covers a wide enough range. (About 105 – 450). I mean it’s $1100 cheaper than the 100-400. 


Fujifilm 18-120 lens 

This lens will be a constant F4 aperture. And again I’m concerned about this lens too. Mainly because it is so close to the 18-135. However, again like the 56mm f1.2, I think this lens is actually a refresh. 


Now, I have heard about this lens is it is video focused?. So, for me, that means this lens should forget weather sealing and really focus on two things: the Manual Focus Experience and Optical Image Stabilization 


Is this the end of Fujifilm? 

Now, I am starting to get concerned about Fujifilm’s viability in the future. ANd the first is through no fault of their own. 


  • Supply Chain Issues
  • Better Competitors 
  • Full-Frame Is becoming Cheaper. (I’m expecting a sub $1,000 full-frame camera from Canon with blazing autofocus by Christmas. 

  • GFX: What if the Fuji XH-2’s 40 MP sensor competes with the Fuji GFX 50s II, which was just released??? (Cannibalization again!)

  • Death of Dials?

Starting with the XS-10, we saw Fujifilm do something they haven’t done for a while, use a standard PASM. Now, Fujifilm users are keen for using dials. And some other camera companies have started to create a form of nostalgia camera too. Nikon has the ZfC, etc.

  • Bad Autofocus 

It’s not that their autofocus is bad… It’s not.. Compared to 6 years ago, their autofocus has improved drastically. I also shoot on the Fuji X-T20, and I can tell you the X-T4 is light years ahead of its older cousin. 

However, it’s not what Fuji’s doesn’t have.., but it’s what competitors do have. Sony, Canon, and Nikon have made large leaps forward in autofocus in the past couple of years. Sometimes, even implementing thing like vehicle-tracking autofocus. 

At this point, they are not innovating, They are playing catch-up. Now, that’s all I have. Have a great day!