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About World Embark

World Embark has an interesting founding. It was founded in the Summer of 2019 as kylestravel (Creative, right?) 

I received the inspiration from my friend who was a fashion blogger at the time. 

From there, I wrote on-and-off for the next semester, as I planned to study abroad the next summer in Scotland. 

Well, we all know how 2020 turned out, and I didn’t get to travel. 

Instead, World Embark was born in April of 2020. 

That summer in my free time (and there was a lot of it…), I learned about website design, photography, and SEO. Also, I wrote over 30,000 words for fun. (Mind you, this was right after completing my undergraduate research paper.)

I continued on the next semester (my final year in college), and I wrote my sixty-page business plan for this website. 

The current form of World Embark was designed over my last semester of college, and it was interesting. The sixty-page research plan is my current business model, but I am continuously evolving my plan. 

I am also keeping a journal of the progress of World Embark as it occurs, which I plan on being publishing in a couple of years. 

Thanks for reading about World Embark! Now about me…

About me

Hi, My name is Kyle.

Travel is Overrated

I suppose that’s not enough…. 

So, let’s see what you should know about me….

  1. I live in Washington D.C. 

  2. My favorite drink is black coffee. 

  3. I am willing to try anything, once. 

  4. I am originally from Kansas. (You won’t see too many references about that state.)

  5. I really do want to help people pack and prepare for their own trip. I know that’s the cliche my website tagline says, but it is true.

  6. I think travel serves as a form of escape, a form of catharsis, and an opportunity for self-realization. 

  7. I believe in intentional community. (I also took a class on community development in college.)

  8. My favorite experience in travel was a conversation with a homeless person in New Orleans. 

  9. I tried to get rid of my cell phone, but I was told I couldn’t. 

  10. I secretly care what everyone thinks about me. 

  11. I’m a member of Gen-Z. 

  12. My two bucket-list destinations are Antarctica and hiking the Great Wall of China. 

  13. I think risks need to be taken, and a lack of action is worse than action. 

  14. I care about eco-friendliness and climate change. 

  15. I sometimes question if aliens actually exist. 

  16. My travel inspirations are Nomadic Matt, Two Wandering Soles, Against the Compass, and the Blonde Abroad.

  17. My photography inspirations are Omar Gonzalez, FlytPath, and Mathew Storer. 

  18. I like photography. Photography for me is an art of capturing a memory (especially as I cannot remember everything that happens, at least in the short-term. )

  19. I really like music, Panic at the Disco, Blues, Halsey, Indie-Rock. 

  20. I really don’t post on my personal social media accounts. 

  21. My undergraduate research paper was focused on U.S. International Policy. 

  22. I like to read, but I hate being told what to read. 

  23. I don’t drink alcohol. 

  24. I love the outdoors but hate getting muddy. (I have come to accept it.)

  25. My camera was my phone for a lot of the earlier pictures you see on this site. . 

  26. I am really bad at texting back but really good at emailing back. 

  27. I’m not very good at “keeping-up” with people. 

  28. I wear glasses. 

  29. I think people should learn to take more risks. But they should also learn to fail

  30. I do not like to eat really spicy food.

  31. I love the Middle East, even though I have never been there. 

  32. I have a drone, but I don’t use it for this website due to international laws and travel restrictions. 

  33. I think the number 33 is unlucky. 

That’s really all I think there is to know about me for now. I’m sure as the blog is written and changed, this page will change too!

Thanks for reading.