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In August of 2023, after this website started exceeding around one hundred people per day, (after only two years of part-time work), I decided I needed expand the rather rudimentary rating template for these reviews. (It was originally these four categories below, but it didn’t follow any of the specific information) This followed a late 2022 push for standardizing the review portion, which you can see in each table of content in the blog posts. Here are the qualifications I now use in an effort for transparency and consistency in ratings. I hope this helps. -KS

Ranking Template (August 21, 2023)

  1. Price (Out of 5)
    1. Is this lens fairly priced?
    2. Can this item be found on the used market for at least 20% off MSRP?
    3. How does the price compare to the body? (For example: It may not make sense to purchase a $4,000 lens for a camera ecosystem in which the most expensive body only costs $2,000.)
    4. Overall pricing Concerns
    5. Price/Performance Ratio
  2. Reliability (Out of 5)
    1. Color Fringing, Bokeh Balls, Sharpness (including center sharpness and center to corner performance), Distortion, Vignetting, Bokeh Transitions
  3. Functionality (Out of 5)
    1. Is this a niche lens?
    2. How is the autofocus experience? If it is a manual focus lens, what is this experience like? 
    3. Trade-offs (For example, an F4 lens should probably have optical image stabilization.)
    4. Is it able to be used for what it’s designed for? (Again, the 18-120mm F4 by Fujifilm is designed to be a video-first lens. However, a weird warp in the corner while zooming negates the advantage of the power zoom.) 
  4. Style (Out of 5) 
    1. Does this lens look good?
    2. How does the overall build quality feel- EX. materials, paint, does it show fingerprints, etc. ? 
    3. If it’s designed to be waterproof, is it?
    4. Will the lens last over time?
    5. Lens Body/Camera Balance 

Lens Review Templates (Started Fall-ish of 2022… Added throughout 2023..)

  1. Quick Facts
  2. Table of Contents 
  3. Who is this lens designed for?
  4. What other lenses exist that cover this focal length?
  5. Dials, Switches, Buttons, and More
  6. Build Quality 
  7. Bokeh and Bokeh Balls Review
  8. Autofocus Tests
  9. Image Quality 
  10. Distortion 
  11. Vignetting 
  12. Color Fringing (Purple and Green) 
  13. Macro Performance 
  14. Sunstars/Starbursts/Flaring
  15. Is this lens good at what it is designed for?
  16. Sample Images 
  17. Pros and Cons 
  18. Final Rating