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May – June 2021: Turkey

Istanbul to Selcuk: 740 km by Bus
Selcuk to Pammukale: 190 km by Train 
About 20 km by Bus (40 Km Roundtrip)
Denizli to Antalya: 220 km by bus
Antalya to Cappadocia: 570 km by bus
Fly Back to United States: 10,400 km by Plane
Western Turkey RoadTrip Loop

July 2021: Greece

Fly to Athens: 10,000 Km
Ferry to Mikonos: 160km
Ferry to Paros: 50 km 
Ferry t0 Heraklion: 200 km 
Buses to Chania (Stopping in Rethimno for 1 week): 140 km
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July – August 2021: Ukraine

Chania to Kyiv: (Flight) 2,400 km
Kyiv to Pripyat (Bus) 300 km roundtrip
Kyiv to Lviv (Bus): 809 km
Ukraine Itinerary

August 2021: Germany

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August -September 2021: Switzerland

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