What am I currently using?

I get it, picking the right gear for your next trip can be tough. 

I’m definitely one of these people that overpacks for every single trip, so “minimal” packing is a must. 

So, what do I pack along with me? 

First, some qualifiers. 

Why did I pick this gear?

1. Price

2. Reliability

3. Functional Value 

4. Style



Like most of you, when I purchased my first camera, I spent many of hours on research. After all, cameras cost a lot of money, and they are extremely fragile. 

My previous experience on cameras included a GoPro, my iPhone, and a Canon Rebel SL2. So, I was fairly limited on my “camera smarts.” 

However, after numerous videos and a college photography class, I felt more confident with my photography skills. 

So, why Fujifilm when all of my other friends were shooting with Sony or Canon Cameras? 

For the time being, Fuji fit my price. Although their sensor is not the same size of the full-frame, I often do not take photos in low-light. So, I am more concerned about the colors. 

Additionally, the Fuji X-Series is made to be weather resistant. When flying from location to location, it is helpful to know I have a camera that can withstand some elements. 

Finally, I also appreciate the aesthetic the Fujifilm camera provides. It is a throwback to a simpler time. 

Fuji X-T4

Fujifilm X-T20

Fuji 10-24 WR 

Fuji 16mm F1.4 WR

Fuji 55-200

GoPro Hero 7

GoPro Jaws Mount

GoPro Float Stick

Extra GoPro Batteries 

SanDisk SD Cards

Travel Camera


Outside of camera gear, I paid up for my backpack. The primary reason for this is durability. If I was going to purchase something, I wanted to make sure it would last a long time. So, I bought the best I could afford. (Used, of course.)

Peak Design 45 L Travel Backpack

ThinkTank Retrospective 4



6 Pair of T-Shirts

3 Pair of Shorts 

1 Pair of Pants

5 Pair of Underwear

6 Pair of Socks


Low-top Converse

Mount Elbert Peak
This is a picture of my jacket and my camelback.

I often try to stick to more moderate climates, as I prefer the warm temperature. This also helps minimize my packing sizes. 

Software as a Service (SAAS)


WP Rocket

Elementor Pro

Elementor Essential Addons



Capture One

Google Worksuite


Rankmath Pro

ShortPixel (Imagify is really good too.) 

It took a lot to build this website, so check out this post for more info!


Macbook Pro 13″

Thule Macbook Case

Wish List

Fuji 50mm f1