Travel is escape…

But… the stress of trip planning can often be more than the trip is worth.

Overpacking on a trip

I want to help YOU by hopefully removing some of that anxiety in the trip preparation process. 

To do this, I have split World Embark into 2 different sections

Travel & Gear

So, what makes up each category?


Country Guides: Everything I feel like you should know about a specific country. 

Packing Lists: Everything I feel like you should pack before visiting a specific country. 

How-To: General information…

My Travel Journals: My observances about the world. 

Examples of Travel Posts

America Packing List

America Packing List

What do you need when you go to America? After reading this America Packing List, hopefully nothing else! This packing list features a variety of helpful tools, tricks, and items for your next trip!

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My second category is 


Gear Reviews: What I think of products

Shopping Lists: The best-of lists for individual categories. 

Examples of Gear Posts

I use a 4-Tier System to rate gear.

1. Price

2. Reliability

3. Functional Value 

4. Style

Why do I travel?



But that’s enough about me.

My goal is to help YOU

Want to know more about me?

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