Affiliate Disclosure

In my goal to be radically transparent with my readers, I wanted to create a web page that explained a section of World Embark’s financial model, affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which (site, World Embark, website) suggests and publishes about a company’s product(s). I do this by reviewing products on this website. By providing hyper-links to their products, I may receive a small commission only if you purchase the product. The price of the products I suggest will never be higher than the MSRP, in fact, many times it will be lower.  

The owner of this blog will receive compensation in reviewing goods, products, services, or ideas. However, although the owner may receive financial compensation, we still always give honest beliefs, opinions, findings, or reviews of products. The view of the product are firmly only the views of World Embark. Any product or claim about a product’s effectiveness or statistic are provided by the supplier. Please verify that with the manufacturer or supplier about these claims.

World Embark accepts monetary compensation in the form of advertising, sponsorship, paid affiliations, and other forms of financial compensation. 

To see a copy of World Embark’s privacy policy, please click here.  

  • World Embark will not engage in affiliate programs that are deemed to be illegal or immoral by societal and personal standards. (Full Disclosure: I’m a Gen-Zer.)